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IBC 2017Bringing IBC to You!

IBC is a great opportunity for the Telos Alliance to reconnect with our international clients and learn how things are going in the European broadcast market. At IBC 2017, there's the added excitement of the IP Showcase, featuring interoperability demos of the latest AES67 compliant gear from manufacturers across the globe.

You'll also want to stay tuned for BIG news from the Telos Alliance!

But the trip to Amsterdam isn't always an easy one to make, and we know not everyone can be there to share the excitement. That's why we'll be keeping you up to date right here—and LIVE! You'll find all our IBC-related news here, or you can follow along as we come to you live via Boxcast, straight from stand 8.D47. Tune in and catch our big news!

We're gearing up for an exciting show, and if you're there, we hope you'll stop by and see what's new. If you can't make it, then we invite you to follow along from afar. One way or another, we look forward to sharing the experience of IBC 2017 with you!

Did we mention big news...?


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Register Now! Then find us at the show!

IBC 2017 - RAI Amsterdam, Hall 8, Booth D47

The Telos Alliance at IBC 2017!

We're back in Amsterdam for IBC 2017. This year you can find us in stand 8.D47. Get your complimentary exhibit pass with guest code 6832. Register NOW! Then stop by our booth to find out about our big news!

New at IBC
Telos VX System

Telos VX Broadcast VoIP System

VX is the world's first VoIP talkshow system. This powerful, SIP-based system manages all your on-air phones—no matter the size of your facility—and does so affordably.

Learn More
Omnia VOLT

Omnia VOLT Broadcast Audio Processor

Acclaimed Omnia processing meets the best clipper ever. Add high-end features adopted from the Omnia.11 and the sonic performance you've come to expect from Omnia and you've got the preeminent 1RU broadcast audio processor—Omnia VOLT!

Learn More

Omnia.9sg Broadcast Stereo Generator

With a new software update, the Omnia.9sg—always more than a stereo generator—is an even more powerful weapon in your audio arsenal. With a new clipper, an extended feature set, and Livewire+ AES67, 9sg makes any processor from any manufacturer sound its absolute best.

Learn More

OmniaSST Audio Processing Software

Transform your PC into a high-end, low-latency Omnia processor. Based on a powerful processing engine designed by Hans van Zutphen, OmniaSST features exciting presets for clean, loud, and open sound.

Learn More
Axia IP-Tablet

Axia IP-Tablet Virtual Radio Software

The one-of-a-kind IP Tablet makes broadcasting virtually easy, placing the monitoring and control of your Axia console, HTML5 gear, Omnia processor, Telos phone system, and more at your fingertips!

Learn More
Axia Pathfinder Core PRO

Axia Pathfinder Core PRO Routing Control Appliance

The Axia Pathfinder Core PRO Routing Control Appliance features all the tools you need for audio routing and control, minus the PC. Logic Flows—a new flowchart-style events system—makes events easier to create, adjust, and monitor in real time. Travel the path to better audio routing with Pathfinder Core PRO!

Learn More
AMS Authoring & Monitoring System

Linear Acoustic AMS Authoring and Monitoring System

The industry’s first comprehensive solution for real-time authoring, rendering, and monitoring of advanced audio programs for the ATSC 3.0 Digital Television System.

Learn More

Linear Acoustic AERO.soft Loudness Management Platform

The future of AoIP television loudness control is available today in a 1RU enterprise platform featuring Livewire+ AES67 I/O.

Learn More
Minnetonka AudioTools Server

Minnetonka AudioTools Server

Our enterprise solution for file-based workflows automates the most sophisticated audio tasks, including loudness measurement and correction to ITU, EBU, and ATSC standards, Dolby® coding, program watermarking, upmixing/downmixing, and more.

Learn More
Minnetonka SurCode Encoding and Decoding

SurCode Encoding and Decoding

The industry standard family of certified audio codecs and plug-ins for post-production.

Learn More
Livewire Partners at IBC

Livewire Partners at IBC

Visit our Livewire partners

Several of our Livewire partners will be at IBC. Find out where!

IPE Technologies  11.D30 | DAVID Systems Inc.  3.A31 | Teletor Technology  7.A05 | Stirlitz Media  7.H37
42NETMedia Ltd.  8.A14 | Yellowtec  8.B30 | SCISYS Duetschland GmbH / dira! Production & Playout  8.B61
Dalet Digital Media Systems  8.B77 | Fraunhofer IIS  8.B80 | Axel Technology S.R.L.  8.B81
Broadcast Electronics  8.C19 | Nautel Limited  8.C49 | Digigram S.A.  8.C51 | Netia  8.C77
Broadcast Partners  8.C81 | Digispot  8.D03 | RCS  8.D16 | Harman Pro Audio (Studer)  8.D60
Broadcast Bionics  8.D71 | ENCO Systems  8.D74 | DEVA Broadcast  8.D79 | Orban  8.D93 | Audisi  8.E38
Sonifex  8.E61 | BW Broadcast Ltd.  8.E73 | 2wcom  8.E78 | Jutel Oy/Ltd  8.E91



Can't Be There? Watch the Live Stream

We'll be streaming live from our stand at IBC 2017! Click here for our Boxcast page so you can watch live from Amsterdam during the show. Tune in and catch our big news! Sign up here to be notified when we're live!

IP Showcase

Interoperability Demos at IP Showcase

Several of the most highly regarded organizations in broadcast and technology come together at IBC to bring you the IP Showcase. Learn more about AES67 and AoIP with live interoperability demos and more. #IPShowcase

Learn More

AoIP eBook

Everything You Need to Know about AoIP

If you're considering transitioning to an AES67 and AoIP TV or radio studio, who better to learn from than the developers of AoIP for broadcast? Download our new eBook, which covers everything from the advantages of an AoIP infrastructure to switches to AES67 compatibility versus compliance. Need the facts about Audio over IP? Get them here!


Switch to VoIP and Save!

Ready to make the switch to a Broadcast VoIP phone system? Download our free guide to learn how it will pay for itself in as little as 18 months!

IP Showcase - IBC 2017