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Axia is the Ne(x)twork, and the Ne(x)twork makes next-tech work. PURE AoIP throughout the network means Axia delivers a fully integrated AoIP environment, revolutionizing workflows and providing the largest AoIP ecosystem in broadcast. AES67 compliance ensures a plug-n-play experience with all AoIP gear. While other AoIP broadcast protocols still rely on TDM-based systems to work—whether this concerns routing, mixing, distribution, or intercom—Axia operates purely in the AoIP domain, eliminating antiquated, expensive, cumbersome, and hard-to-maintain equipment. Tap into the largest AoIP network in broadcast. 115+ Livewire partners, 8,000 Axia consoles, and 100,000 connected Livewire devices. Join the Ne(x)twork.

The Ne(x)twork Experience

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Want to learn even more? Check out our AoIP ebook, "AES67 & AoIP: The Time Is Now!"

It's got everything you need to know to transition to an IP Studio, direct from the folks who invented AoIP for broadcast. You'll learn how to become part of the Axia Ne(x)twork, joining a community of more than 115 manufacturers, 8,000 Axia consoles, and 100,000 connected Livewire devices. Revolutionize your workflows, get PURE AoIP throughout your network, and much, much more!