Axia Quasar AoIP Mixing Consoles

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The Ultimate Mixing Machines

Axia Quasar™ AoIP consoles are the ultimate AoIP Broadcast Mixing Consoles, putting the power at your fingertips for next-level content creation. Including XR and SR models—the Quasar family offers broadcast engineers and less seasoned board operators alike boundless production possibilities, modularity, scalability, and workflow flexibility. 

Tap into the power of AoIP with Axia Quasar, our sixth-generation of AoIP consoles and the industry-standard in mixing excellence. Powered by mature and sophisticated AoIP technology from Telos Alliance—the inventor of AoIP for broadcast—Quasar is designed for steadfast reliability with no single point of failure.


Quasar XR AoIP Console

Quasar XR is our top-of-the-line mixer featuring extensive metering built into the surface right where it needs to be—on every channel display and next to each fader, as well as on the monitor module. These LED meters allow users to live mix rather than merely confidence monitor, giving users active control over their environments for the best possible outcome.

Quasar XR offers optional Quasar Soft and Quasar Cast remote control and monitoring solutions, delivers full integration with Telos Infinity® IP Intercom products, and adds support for new Quasar Accessory Modules, along with numerous other powerful features. This advanced scalability addresses new workflows, like Work from Home, and gives broadcasters more flexibility when it comes to the number of channels they need in their Quasar Engine, starting at 16 channels and scaling up in blocks of 16 channels up to 64 channels.



Quasar SR AoIP Console

Quasar SR - our midline mixer - delivers all the power, ergonomics, and star appeal of its big brother but with a streamlined design.

Quasar SR is not reserved for the most knowledgeable broadcaster but is approachable to any board operator thanks to its streamlined surface design. Quasar SR fader modules are non-motorized, there are fewer, larger, and easier-to-reach buttons on each channel strip, and features confidence class metering. 


Quasar Engine RPS

Based on the proven Quasar Engine, the Quasar Engine RPS all-in-one standalone virtualized mixing solution brings many of the features and functions normally managed in the control surface to the engine itself. This makes it possible to create a full-featured mixer using the browser-based Quasar Soft user interface, without the need for a physical XR or SR surface.

Quasar Family Components

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