The BCA Experience

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BCA 2017 is Asia's premier broadcast trade show and a prime opportunity for the Telos Alliance to present the award-winning Omnia VOLT and Linear Acoustic AMS, the slick new IP-Tablet, the Telos VX Broadcast Phone System, and more, to the Asian market.

Not everyone can be make the trip to Singapore, but we hope you'll follow along here for all the excitement of the Telos Alliance at Broadcast Asia 2017!

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Suntec City - 4J2-01

Find the Telos Alliance in the BGS Booth

Visiting Singapore for BCA 2017? Stop by and say hello at the GBS Alliance booth (4J2-01).

Omnia VOLT

Omnia VOLT

Inspired by top-of-the-line Omnia processors like the Omnia.11, the new Omnia VOLT offers more functionality and versatility in one rack unit than ever before, including G-Force style dynamics for an open yet consistent sound, and a brand-new clipper that's loud yet super clean.

Axia IP-Tablet

Axia IP-Tablet

The one-of-a-kind Axia IP-Tablet removes cumbersome and sight-blocking monitors from the studio by moving monitoring and control to a conveniently mounted touchscreen. The IP-Tablet puts your most used console functions right at your fingertips!

Omnia VOLT

Axia Livewire+ AES67 IP-Audio Driver

The Axia Livewire+ AES67 IP-Audio Driver allows users to send and record single or multiple channels of stereo audio over Ethernet via your Axia network, no sound card required. The IP-Audio Driver can handle up to 24 channels of stereo audio simultaneously over a single CAT-5 Ethernet connection.

Telos VX Prime IP Talkshow System

Telos VX Prime IP Talkshow System

VX Prime gives you incredible operational power, flexible, adaptable workflows, and superior audio quality—a powerful broadcast phone solution that's economical enough for stations with just two or three studios. The VX system offers amazing ROI, paying for itself in just months!

Linear Acoustic AMS Authoring & Monitoring System

Linear Acoustic AMS Delivers ATSC 3.0 Workflow

The Linear Acoustic AMS Authoring & Monitoring System is a comprehensive solution for real-time authoring, rendering, and monitoring of advanced audio programs for the ATSC 3.0 Digital Television System. Come see it in action at the TVSG booth!

Linear Acoustic AERO.10

Linear Acoustic AERO.10

Affordable real-time AEROMAX® loudness control and UPMAX®-II upmixing/downmixing for PCM (non-coded) audio with SDI, AES, and analog I/O. User-selectable 2-channel and 5.1-channel configurations. No-compromise audio quality and compliance without breaking the bank!

AudioTools Server Workflow Editor

AudioTools Server WorkflowEditor

AudioTools Workflow Editor bridges the gap between ease of use and high-power performance with a simple, convenient graphical user interface. Nuanced workflow parameters can now be visualized, edited, and controlled. Reduce downtime and expand your capabilities with AudioTools WorkFlowEditor, new in version 4.5!

AudioTools Focus

Minnetonka Audio AudioTools Focus

AudioTools FOCUS for Loudness Control is an easy to use, standalone Windows application that takes the complexity out of the audio equation. Proven AudioTools presets conforming to every loudness standard are built in and ready to use or modify. With all the standards, file formats and deliverables needed today, loudness management adds one more layer of intricacy to an already complex ecosystem. In a video–centric world, we focus on handling the complexity and dependencies of automating loudness control ... AudioTools FOCUS brings audio control into focus.
BCA 2017 Press

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New Products to the Asia-Pacific Market at BroadcastAsia 2017

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