Telos Alliance Omnia audio processors are the leading brand for both terrestrial and streaming broadcasters around the world.

Now, you can deploy world-renowned Omnia.9 processing in the cloud, with a completely customized solution designed to suit your high-density virtual audio processing needs! 


  • Scalable, Customizable, Centralized - Omnia Enterprise 9s combines product modules in a new and unique way to deliver the software-only, high-density solution needed by today’s broadcasters. Each system is customized, allowing you to easily tailor a processing system to your needs and make changes as your requirements change.

  • Virtualized Audio Processing - Each stereo program is processed by a unique processing engine, allowing each program to be tailored to suit the program material, audience, and delivery method. A variety of factory presets are included and can be used as-is or serve as starting points for custom user presets.

  • Disaster Recovery - 9s was designed especially for broadcasters who need maximum flexibility to move their entire processing infrastructure as needed and to be able to access it from a variety of locations.

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