Jünger Audio Processing Solutions

Jünger Audio is a world-renowned audio-processing specialist, now partnering with the Telos Alliance. Jünger products are a top choice for virtually artifacts-free processing in TV and radio broadcast, production, and streaming. Jünger's comprehensive portfolio includes real-time processing of loudness, up- and down-mixing, dynamics control, equalization, voice conditioning, Dolby® codec and QC solutions, metering and monitoring, FM conditioning, and much more. With the new flexAI platform, Jünger is about to take audio processing to the next level!


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Solution Highlights

When audio matters, you can rely on Jünger Audio to deliver products and solutions that will help you work smarter and more efficiently across all aspects of content delivery.



AIXpressor is Jünger Audio's new flagship audio processor with great power, comprehensive media interfaces, and a new software architecture. Learn More



Jünger Audio’s flexAIserver series of audio servers provides superb processing power and flexibility where high-channel counts and comprehensive processing is required. Learn More

Dual Stereo Level Magic Audio Processor - EASY LOUDNESS AoIP

With dual stereo processing channels and integrated DANTE™/AES67 I/O, EASY LOUDNESS AoIP is an excellent choice for automatic and intelligent real-time loudness management. Learn More

Options for All Production Needs

No matter what type of production you are creating, Jünger Audio has the tools necessary to take your sound to the next

level and stand apart from the competition.


News Production

Learn how our Smart Audio solutions can help you maintain clean, consistent, and coherent audio throughout your daily news broadcasts. Learn More

Sports Production

Combining advanced leveling and EQ together with automated voiceover ensures that viewers will always hear your sports broadcasts at their very best. Learn More

Live Production

When the pressure is on, let Jünger's Smart Audio products and solutions take care of audio levels and quality so that you can focus on the content. Learn More


Radio Production

Get consistent and recognizable audio quality day-in and day-out for each presenter and program. Learn More