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Bridging the Hardware Gap

Audio processing for broadcast is in a near-constant state of evolution, and our industry finds itself in a time of "in-betweens" in many ways.

One of the most apparent is the concurrent availability of traditional proprietary hardware products - which have limited processing power but typically offer an array of standard I/O options - and server-based hardware - which tends to be limited to networked audio but has the horsepower to support program density.

Our solution: flexAI. Jünger Audio's R&D team has developed an entirely new audio processing infrastructure platform. With flexAI, new tools and applications can be created in a way similar to plugins in a traditional DAW. This concept of software-defined products enables us to create user-specific audio solutions without considering the hardware as a primary factor. All flexAI-based applications can run on Jünger Audio’s range of flexAI audio processing units.



AIXpressor is our flagship audio processor.

Its dedicated x86-based CPU facilitates incredibly flexible signal routing and hosts Junger Audio's legendary audio processing, encoding, and decoding products by licensed, software-deployed modules - much like digital audio workstations employ task-specific plug-ins.  

Analog and AES3 I/O is standard, as is a 2-port SFP cage for optional MADI or Junger tieLight modules. Dual AoIP interfaces are included for Livewire+ and AES67 (in support of SMPTE ST 2110-30). AIXpressor's four expansion slots allow unparalleled flexibility for additional I/O, including microphone inputs, additional analog, AES3, MADI, Audinate's Dante AoIP, or 3G HD-SDI I/O with the ability to support quad-link 3G SDI for UHD workflows.

Use AIXpressor as a powerful standalone audio processor or as an endpoint device for managing divergent I/O formats. Or, think big and integrate it into a larger processing array of other flexAI products, including flexAIserver. 



When maximum horsepower is required for high-density installations with high channel counts, flexAIserver scales up the flexAI platform to a whole new level with its server-class x86-based processing core. 

Dual AoIP interfaces allow for Livewire+ and AES67 (in support of SMPTE ST 2110-30). An optional hardware card adds support for dual MADI or tieLight I/O. 

Besides being a processing powerhouse on its own, flexAIserver integrates easily into a larger processing array of other flexAI products, including AIXpressor, to create a nearly infinitely scalable system.  

flexAI Option Cards

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