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Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 10.37.35 AMWe understand the challenges of staying on-air during this coronavirus. The world relies on broadcasters like you for timely information from all over the world. It’s a comfort to know you are out there informing and keeping us safe.  THANK YOU!  


Telos Alliance has been designated an essential business and will continue to support your critical needs, remaining in operation with minimized while taking measures to keep our employees safe. Our support team is ready to set up your remote operation in addition to your normal support needs. Whatever happens, we’ll get through this together...and come out of it stronger! In the meantime, we've put together the following resources to help you broadcast from anywhere.

Tom Swidarski, CEO Telos Alliance


Home Broadcasting Video Series
We interview radio engineers who have helped studios set up operations at home:











Telos Alliance 24/7 Support & Remote Assistance

+1 (216) 622-0247 (Radio) 

+1 (717) 735-3611 (TV) 

Main: +1 (216) 241-7225

Resources for Broadcasters


7 Key Features for a Smooth Remote Broadcast

Broadcasters are pushing their remote control capabilities to new heights as COVID-19 continues to disrupt normal operations. Here are some tips to ensure your remote broadcast runs smoothly.

Virtualization: Beyond Crisis Response

Will virtualized radio stations and remote broadcasting be the new norm after the coronavirus pandemic? Our own Marty Sacks (Executive Vice President of Sales, Support, & Marketing) looks into a likely future.

TelosHelp Searchable Knowledge Base

We are excited to present TelosHelp, a new user-friendly self-help searchable knowledge base! TelosHelp enhances TelosCare support with a quick and easy way for customers to find answers to common questions on demand when a support call isn’t necessary.
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Telos Alliance 2020 Virtual Showcase

We are bringing the trade show to you with a series of webinars with the latest Telos Alliance products and solutions.


COVID-19 Operational Concerns for Radio

Radio World shares developments (thus far) from the U.S. radio industry, including tips from Telos Alliance's own Kirk Harnack..
Ken T demos ARC

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Many trade shows have been canceled. Schedule a virtual booth appointment/demo instead.

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