Recognize these famous lyrics? You shouldn't, because they're wrong! You work hard on your content, and you want your audience to experience it the best way possible. Whether you want your listeners to feel like they are sitting in the front row, or you want to save them from ever hearing a misheard lyric again, Omnia can help you achieve your goals.

We have Omnia processing solutions for all needs and markets, and Telos Alliance can help you pick the right one for your specific needs and audio challenges. Let's achieve great sound together.


Let Us Solve Your Processing Challenges

Omnia.11Looking for BIG performance? Omnia.11, now with G-Force dynamics engine and the Perfect Declipper Plug-Ins, is the answer. No one does it better. Learn More
Omnia.9 Omnia.9 delivers a sound that is so pure, it will make your listeners wonder if they are listening to a CD instead of the radio.Learn More
Omnia.7If you want sonorous audio magic on air, check out this little brother to the Omnia.9.  Available in Omnia.7FM and Omnia.7AM to best suit your format.Learn More

Omnia VOLT

If you're looking for more audio bang  for your buck, then Omnia VOLT is for you, offering more sonic performance in one rack unit than others offer in three. 

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The 9sg is a stereo generator and final stage processor that raises ANY processor (even non-Omnia models) to the level of true Omnia sound. 

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Omnia SST

Omnia SST audio processing software has the Triple Ds of audio processing—Declipper, Delossifer, and Dehummer—for a sound your listeners will love.

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Bas Boone

Technical Director, Radio Nostalgie, Antwerp, BelgiumOn Omnia.11 G-Force Performance

I am very impressed by Omnia.11 and the new G-Force plug-in. Amazing. No one else is even close. This is the standard for all others to try to achieve.
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Ted Alexander Jr

Ted Alexander, Jr.

Entercom Scranton Chief Engineer on Omnia VOLT Performance

 For this class of processor, I can highly recommend the Omnia VOLT without hesitation. I've never heard anything better. 

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Dave Kolesar - DC

Dave Kolesar

WWFD The Gamut, Frederick, Maryland on the Performance of Omnia.7AM

With the Omnia.7AM on WWFD, all of our collective jaws dropped when we put it on the air. It sounds good on all the different types of program material that we throw at it.

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Exclusive Omnia Technology

Psychoacoustically Controlled Distortion-Masking Clipper
Switchable Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier (SSBSC) Technology
Perfect Declipper 
Solar Plexus
1dB Louder
Intelligent Ultraband Limiter
Ultra LoIMD Controlled Clipper System 
MPX Composite Baseband Over AES
"Undo" Technology
Dry Voice Detector
Multiband Lookahead Limiting
Flexible Premphasis Switching
Omnia Toolbox