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Bringing NAB to You!


NAB 2017 is going to be a thrilling show for the Telos Alliance, with several groundbreaking new product announcements, as well as for the Broadcast industry as a whole as it embraces AoIP and AES67 and a rapid clip! 

But not everyone can be there to see the excitement of the show unfold, and we certainly don't want you to miss a beat. That's why we're broadcasting 24/7 with a live Boxcast feed of the Telos Alliance Radio booth LV5855 and will be socializing as breaking news happens. 

Whether or not you're on your way to Vegas for NAB 2017, you can follow along right here!

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Las Vegas Convention Center - North Hall

Find the Telos Alliance Radio Division in LVCC North Hall

We're back in Las Vegas for NAB 2017. This year you can find the Telos Alliance Radio division in North Hall, booth N7724. Get your complimentary exhibit pass with guest code LV5855, now through March 24. Register NOW!

Kirk Harnack & Joe Talbot


Talkin' Talkshows at PREC

Efficient Talkshow Workflows

Kirk Harnack and Joe Talbot discuss methods to achieve optimum efficiency on your talkshows at PREC.

Fri. April 21 | 9:30 AM | Tuscany Suites

Hans Van Zutphen

Hans Van Zutphen on Transdimensional Stereo Embedding

Transdimensional Stereo Embedding: Approaching the TARDIS Effect for FM Audio

All about Transdimensional Stereo Embedding with Telos Alliance Senior DSP Engineer Hans Van Zutphen.

Sun. April 23 | 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM | N256


Greg Shay Presents the Benefits of AES67 & AoIP

Faster, Cheaper, & Better: The Rapid Adoption of AES67 & AoIP Lets You Have All Three

Telos Alliance CTO Greg Shay Explains why AES67 and AoIP lets you reap the benefits of each of these perks.

Sun. April 23 | 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM | N256

Kirk Harnack

Learn How Here Can Be Anywhere

Virtual Talkshow Production: Now Here Can Be Anywhere

Join Kirk Harnack and Joe Talbot for a presentation on virtual talkshow production from the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology program.

Tue. April 25 | 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM | N260


IABM Roundtable

Telos Alliance CTO Greg Shay will participate in an IABM Roundtable Discussion on Audio.

Wed. April 26 | 2:00 PM | S216LMR


Find TVSG in South Hall (Upper), booth SU2321

Building on insight and history in the television broadcast industry, the TV Solutions Group—a new division of the Telos Alliance including Linear Acoustic and Minnetonka Audio—focuses on the ever-expanding needs of the television audio market, emphasizing Audio over IP for TV.

Markus Hintz

TVSG's Markus Hintz on Loudness Compliance with AES67

Loudness Compliance in an AES67 Equipped Facility

Markus Hintz, VP of Global Sales and Business Development for the TV Solutions Group, presents on Loudness Compliance in an AES67 facility.

Sat. April 22 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM | N258

Martin Dyster

Martin Dyster on AoIP for TV

Updating Television Broadcast Telephony and Communication Using SIP, VoIP, and AoIP

Martin Dyster, Vice President of Business Development for the TV Solutions Group, explains why the time is now for television broadcast facilities to embrace the move to IP technology.

Wed. April 26 | 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM | N258

Telos Alliance: Teamwork


Together the Telos Alliance brands—Telos, Omnia, Axia, 25-Seven, Linear Acoustic, and Minnetonka—are a powerful and innovative team. It's this synergy that makes each brand a part of something larger.



Can't Be There? Watch the Live Stream.

We'll be streaming live from Telos Alliance radio booth (N7724)! Click the pic for our Boxcast page and be sure to add it to your favorites so you can stop by to watch a live stream of our Radio booth during the show.

Omnia 20th

Happy 20th Omnia!

20 years ago, Frank Foti had a dream to make radio stations all over the world sound better and be more competitive. Omnia was born, and with it, the most groundbreaking broadcast audio processing ever. Stop by the radio booth (N7724) and say Happy Birthday to Omnia!

IP Showcase

Learn More at the IP Showcase

Several of the most highly regarded organizations in broadcast and technology, including the Media Networking Alliance, unite at NAB to bring you the IP Showcase, where you can learn more about AES67 and see live interoperability demos.

AoIP eBook

Get Our AoIP eBook

If you're considering transitioning to an AES67 and AoIP TV or radio studio, who better to learn from than the developers of AoIP for broadcast? Download our new eBook, which covers everything from the advantages of an AoIP infrastructure to switches to AES67 compatibility versus compliance and more. Need the facts about Audio over IP? Get them here!


Download our Telephone ROI eBook

Ready to Make the Switch to a Broadcast VoIP Phone System? Download Our Free Guide to Learn How it Will Pay for Itself in as Little as 18 Months!