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OMNIA.9 v3.18.99 

Omnia-9-Front-Transparent BG-MKII-v2


When it comes to audio processing, Great Sound Matters Most, and the Omnia.9 is no exception. A year in the making, software v 3.18.99 is the biggest sonic leap forward since the Omnia.9 was released! If you thought the 9 sounded amazing already, just wait until you hear the improvements to its audio engine. You won't believe your ears!


This software platform enables older Omnia.9s to be upgraded with MKII, which enables Livewire+ AES67. To get this optional upgrade, a hardware revision is needed, which will be ready by the end of this month.  


New Features in v3.18.99 Include: 

  • Major system rewrite to the audio engine, including a sonic overhaul with new clippers for FM and AM.
  • Phase Correction with Mono Bass reduces multipath distortion.
  • New, fully rewritten streaming engine now supports Shoutcast 2 and lossless streaming. Integrated internal stream server.

  • Seamless preset switching, even between presets with major structural differences.

  • Optional µMPX Encoding. Omnia.9 is the first hardware processor to support this revolutionary codec. Full composite MPX over a 320kbps pipe.

  • Shared processing path for AM+HD units (allowing them to share a watermark encoder).

  • Improved internal performance (lower latency, monitoring, and RDS improvements).

  • Enables Livewire + AES67 (requires MKII platform; for more information on MKII, click here) for even more flexible I/O.


For additional materials on this exciting release, including Release Notes, Manual, and QuickStart Guide please visit the Omnia.9 Product Page

Download Omnia.9 V3.18.99


Great Sound Matters Most