Omnia Forza Audio Processor

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Meet Forza, the latest family of Omnia processors for FM, HD, DAB, and streaming audio.

Omnia Forza breathes new life into the traditional five-band processor design, featuring all-new AGCs and multiband limiters. As a software processor, Forza is delivered via a Docker container that can be hosted on-premises on a COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) server or cloud-hosted.

The use of expertly crafted launch point presets and an intuitive yet powerful user interface based on “smart controls” that seamlessly maintain harmony between under-the-hood controls and settings means anyone can drive Forza with confidence, and ensure instant sonic excellence for listeners. More advanced users will find the tools they need to craft their unique signature sound.

Forza HDS is specifically designed for L/R audio applications, including HD, DAB, and streaming audio. Its integrated, target-driven ITU-R BS.1770 loudness controller makes conforming to emerging streaming loudness requirements a set-and-forget process. For those wanting the benefits of a virtualized software processor but with the simplicity of pre-configured hardware, up to two instances of Forza FM with µMPX or up to four instances of Forza HDS processing can be pre-installed on the Telos Alliance AP-3000 platform.

Forza FM is optimized for FM applications, and includes the Frank Foti-designed Silvio clipper from Omnia.11 to deliver the powerful on-air sound users have come to expect from Omnia processors. It includes processing for HD-1/DAB.


Omnia Forza Software

Leveraging the power of virtualization, both Forza HDS and Forza FM are available as a Docker container to be installed on-premises using COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) hardware or through cloud-hosted services such as AWS. Forza FM and Forza HDS can also be pre-installed on the Telos Alliance AP-3000 hardware platform.

Telos Alliance ZIPStream X20_1920X1080_Omnia

Forza in Z/IPStream X/20

Omnia Forza is available as a processing option in the Z/IPStream® X/20 all-in-one streaming audio software encoder and processing platform for Windows PCs and servers. 


Forza in Z/IPStream R/20

Forza is also available as a processing option in the Z/IPStream R/20, our dedicated 1RU streaming and processing hardware appliance.