One Device, Five Platforms

Today’s broadcasters need more than just great audio processing. They need assurance that their audio processing platform is not only dynamic, but future proof and can cater to the industry's changing needs. A single unit that can be deployed on any service–FM / AM / DRM / HD / DAB / Stereo Generation. One box can do all this!


Omnia VOLT® offers versatility and performance within budget. It’s a high-performance audio processing platform delivered in a compact, 1RU unit that can transform in minutes.



• 6 AGC sections 

• 5-band, time-aligned limiters

• Dynamics Engine architecture

• Low-distortion clipper design

• High-quality composite stereo generator

• Dozens of presets for consistently great sound

• Run studio side to feed your STL, or generate FM composite at the transmitter



• Designed specifically for the challenges of AM radio

• Versatile pre- and post-limiting equalization

• Superior presets created for today’s AM stations

• Asymmetrical Modulation and Tilt, applied after clipper, helps you get better performance even from older transmitters!



• Purpose-built for HD Radio, DRM, DAB, web streams, other compressed media, and syndicated program and studio productions

• Selectable bandwidths and crossover points, plus our exclusive Sensus algorithms help reduce lossy compression artifacts even at low bitrates

• Use as a general-purpose processor for gain control, limiting, and program distribution


Stereo Generator

• For splitting system between a main processor and a dedicated MPX stereo generator with advanced composite features at the transmitter

• Can be paired with VOLT FM, Omnia processors, or any other processor

• Features the same “One Louder” embedded pilot as the Omnia.11



• Use with outboard encoders without processing to provide excellent level control and consistency for web audiences
• Exclusive Sensus algorithms help reduce lossy compression artifacts even at low bitrates 
• Selectable bandwidths (4 to 22 kHz) optimize for low bitrates. Crossover points scale with filter settings to optimize multiband performance for target bitrates


  1. VOLT FITS THE BUDGET. Accountants, CFOs, and CEOs love the idea of the Omnia VOLT platform. It delivers versatility, reliability, and performance at the best price. No need to buy five different processors; switching from one format to another (FM, AM, HD/DAB/DRM, streaming, and stereo generation) is free and easy with a software update.

  2. VOLT HELPS YOU STAY ON AIR. Keep a VOLT on the shelf as a backup, and no matter which station’s processor might go out, you can install the appropriate software to VOLT and be back on the air in a few minutes!

  3. WHEN YOUR STATION’S FORMAT OR TRANSMISSION MODE CHANGES, SO DOES VOLT. Omnia VOLT is an audio processing platform that enables FM, AM, DRM/HD/DAB, or stereo generation applications and streaming at no additional cost to you.

  4. VOLT WILL MAKE YOUR STATION SOUND AMAZING. Omnia is the industry leader in audio processing performance. Technology found in flagship Omnia processors has trickled down into the 1RU VOLT, offering incredible sound for all formats. Dial in your signature sound in seconds with QuickTweak™.

  5. VOLT IS GLOBALLY MINDED. Not only is the swappable software great for backup purposes, it means VOLT can evolve as trends and regulations change, making it future proof. A truly international product,
    this versatility makes VOLT the ideal audio processing platform no matter where you are broadcasting from.

Learn More About OmniA VOLT Broadcast AUDIO Processing Platform

Omnia VOLT is much more than an audio processor, it's a platform. Learn more about VOLT to see how it can make your station sound better on budget while keeping you on-air, all the time, on any format.

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