Key Features Include: 


  • With this release, we’ve implemented a major upgrade to the Omnia.11's internal Livewire engine. The Omnia.11 now supports standard Livewire streams, in addition to live streams, increasing its compatibility with other Livewire gear.  New options in the Livewire dropdown menu allow you to choose between stream types.


  • We also added new presets to take full advantage of the Pepino 2 clipper's extended capabilities. These latest gems have been mined and refined over countless hours of tuning with input from some of the greatest ears in the world. Be sure to to try them out on an air chain for a fresh new sound! New Presets include:

    • CGSmooth_2020BR

    • CGSmooth_2020WM

    • CG_CHR_Kicks2

    • CG_NEO_Kicks1

    • CG_NEO_Thumps

    • Nashville_5

    • Nashville_5_Warm

    • TripleA_V2

Ready to Download? 

Simply register your Omnia.11 and you will be linked to the Release notes and Update Instructions on TelosHelp. 


Enjoy this Update? 

Be sure to stayed tuned for more exciting updates coming soon. Our Omnia engineers are always working to push the envelope and evolve the future of audio. 


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