Download Omnia.11 v3.0 

Introducing Omnia.11 v3.0, a major update that offers benefits that everyone who owns an Omnia.11 can enjoy, absolutely free. You must be running Omnia.11 v1.5 or v1.6 to install v3.0. (If your unit is running 1.4 or earlier, you can update to v1.5 here.) V3.0 is a general system release that has several significant improvements, including:

  • Static RDS
  • The flexibility of analog, AES/EBU, or Livewire® patch points
  • Patch point location for PPM chains so you can integrate your Voltair/Encoder combo into your audio processing chain
  • Patch point input and output meters for easy level references
  • Upper subharmonic control of Solar Plexus over tonal balance 
  • Compatibility with the Day-Sequerra Time Lock system
  • Parametric EQ including lo and hi shelf, which replaces the limiter mixer section in the HD processing chain, adding compatibility with the new patch point location for more flexibility
  • The ability to select whether the HD processing is fed with the signal that goes through the patch point or not, allowing for separate PPM watermarking of HD/digital sides
  • All input and output “Master” level controls now adjust in 0.1dB steps, with an “accelerator” mode giving 0.5dB steps 

With v3.0 installed, Omnia.11 owners can also purchase the G-Force™ Engine Plug-In ($985) and Perfect Declipper Plug-In ($495) options. Note: All Omnia.11 purchased in 2016 are eligible for free G-Force Engine Plug-Ins. As an added bonus, v3.0 also allows a series of no-obligation, four-hour G-Force Engine Plug-In demos. Download the release notes for details on how to enable Demo mode, along with installation instructions. Also visit our FAQ page for complete information on ordering your Omnia.11 Plug-In options. The Omnia.11 product page features  other support materials, including the Omnia.11 v3.0 Manual, Quick Start Guide, and more.


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Omnia.11 v3.0 Update Info


Download v3.0 Release Notes

Omnia.11 v3.0 Download Acknowledgment

Version 3.0 software represents a significant improvement to how Omnia.11 units operate. By filling out the form and checking the box below, you acknowledge that some settings may change on existing units when upgrading to this version. We recommend you download and read the release notes (above) to prep for this update.