Stream Encoding & Processing

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Stream Encoding & Processing

Create the Streams of Your Dreams

You wouldn’t dare send a signal out over the air without processing it, and your streams deserve the same respect. Without audio processing, your streams won't sound their best and may even turn listeners off. You need dedicated stream processing designed to maximize a bitrate-reduced audio stream. 

Telos Alliance's Z/IPStream line of software and hardware stream encoders/processors don't stop at encoding, Z/IPStream products also include audio processing from market-leader, Omnia. 

Whether it's a purpose-built hardware appliance or software, Telos Alliance gives you streaming options that meet your needs. 

Signature Sound

Legendary Signature Sound

Beyond stream encoding, each Z/IPStream encoder comes with legendary Omnia processing (3-band Omnia processing or Omnia.9 processing), for a consistent signature sound.

Authentic Codecs

Don't settle for inexpensive encoders with knockoff codecs. Z/IPStream uses real Fraunhofer (MP3 and AAC) codecs for the best possible sound.


Because Z/IPStream is a Windows Service, it doesn’t need to be open on your desktop to work. It runs in the background, making it more reliable.


Support When You Need It

With Telos Alliance Z/IPStream products, you get support for the lifetime of your product, as opposed to inexpensive encoders that have no support at all.

Z/IPStream Stream Encoding/Processing Products


Z/IPstream X/2

X/2 streaming software will get any station started in streaming, no matter the bitrate, codec, or delivery platform. Includes 3-band Omnia processing, adaptive streaming, and real Fraunhofer codecs, including xHE-AAC for low-bitrate applications. Learn More. 


Z/IPStream 9X/2

Everything you'd find in our X/2 streaming software, plus full Omnia.9 broadcast audio processing, which includes exclusive “Undo” Technology, the full Omnia.9 toolbox, and more. Learn More. 


Z/IPStream R/1

Want a streaming appliance instead of a software solution? R/1 combines audio processing with MP3 and AAC encoding in one convenient, single-rack unit. Supports AAC-LC, HE-AAC, and HE-AAC v2 formats. Learn More.


Z/IPStream R/2

Ideal for high-density processing/ encoding applications, R/2 delivers up to eight audio programs in a single 1RU appliance for flexible, multi-format stream-encoding. Available with 3-band Omnia processing or full Omnia.9 processing. Learn More.

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