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Product Introduction: Telos VXs Virtual VoIP System for TV Broadcasters

May 19, 1:00 PM EST—For far too long, many production facilities have relegated telephony connectivity to aging analog couplers in a dark, dusty corner of the control room, devoid of modern monitoring and control. Telos Alliance is changing that by launching the virtualized Telos VXs VoIP System for TV. It’s a powerful and adaptable Voice over IP system for live TV production that delivers all the benefits of virtualization plus Telos high-performance IP audio deployed in the datacenter or cloud. Shaun Dolan, VXs Product Manager, accompanied by Ken Tankel, Senior Product Specialist, will show broadcasters how they can adapt to changing TV workflows while making it easier for remote teams to tap into production and engineering partylines.

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Virtual Mixing with Axia iQs Console Software

Telos Alliance launches the Axia iQs AES67 Mixing Console Software, the first soft console controlled via HTML-5, allowing you to control your mix from anywhere and on any device—Mac, Windows, tablet, laptop, even your phone. Telos Alliance's Kirk Harnack and iQs developer, Milos Nemcik, will demonstrate.


Product Introduction: Telos VXs Virtual VoIP System for Radio Broadcasters

With VXs, the legendary Telos VX® system is now virtual! Using VoIP, VXs combines modern networking with the power of digital signal processing developed by Telos over the past three decades. Join us as Product Manager Shaun Dolan captivates us with the VXs and how it benefits radio broadcasters with true virtualization, complete workflow flexibility, and streamlined operations, all while making it easier for broadcasters to produce great-sounding and compelling content.

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Studio Anywhere: Broadcast Virtualization from Concept to Real-World Workflows

Forward-thinking broadcasters are virtualizing at least some of their infrastructure. We'll show you how to 'Studio Anywhere' in this online showcase, helping broadcasters understand everything from virtual machines to Docker containers and beyond.


ATSC 3.0 Your Way: What Does Adoption of NEXTGEN TV Look Like for You?

ATSC 3.0 adoption will not look the same from market to market. Some will go all the way, others will do the bare minimum to get running, and others are only concerned that ATSC 1.0 broadcasts will still be possible. What does ATSC 3.0 adoption look like for you?

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Next Generation Audio and Video Technologies (part 3 of 3)

“How can I produce in HDR and immersive and interactive audio today using my existing production workflows and infrastructure?” Our experts will show you how to enable the most advanced features in your existing facilities.

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Next Generation Audio and Video Technologies (part 2 of 3)

In this session, experts share their experience gained while working with broadcasters all over the world during major live events that were broadcast or streamed in MPEG-H Audio and Advanced HDR by Technicolor.

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Next Generation Audio and Video Technologies (part 1 of 3)

Experts discuss the current status in standardization and adoption of Next Generation TV technologies in the different regions of the world as well as the directions broadcast and streaming are taking in various markets.

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Your Podcast Audio DOES Matter! Differentiate Your Sound & Grow Your Audience with Omnia Processing

We demonstrate how you can use Omnia processing to create a sound that builds excitement around your podcast on-demand, helps you stand out, keeps listeners tuned in, and generates more ad revenue!


Broadcasting from Home: Our Accelerated Workflow Transformation

Staying on-the-air is an ever-changing challenge for radio broadcasters. What are engineers envisioning as longer-term solutions? What equipment, software, or workflows are rising to prominence as we're settling into this work paradigm? We hear and see directly from broadcast engineers.

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Radio Air-Chain Innovation #3

In this third webinar, these fresh approaches from the first two webinars will be extended to reveal even more disruptive approaches to the radio air-chain. Philipp Schmid takes viewers through a live demo of the software.

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Radio Air-Chain Innovation #2

This second webinar demonstrates how key “Made for Radio” standards discussed in the first webinar, along with other established technologies, can be applied to eliminate FM-HD1 time alignment drift completely. This webinar also examines flexible software-only approaches to HD deployments that may represent the HD Radio solutions of the future.

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Radio Air-Chain Innovation #1

Presented by Nautel and Telos Alliance, the "Radio Air-Chain Innovation" webinar series focuses on ways to leverage “Made for Radio” standards and technologies to solve nagging air-chain issues and open the door to new and easier implementations of HD Radio transmission opportunities!

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Save Money, Increase Efficiency, & Automate Your Audio Workflows with AudioTools Server

Join Telos Alliance’s AudioTools Server team as we discuss critical workflows for file-based audio processing that can dramatically increase your efficiency and save you labor costs immediately!

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Omnia MPX Node: Reliable FM MPX Over IP. Real World Stories of New STL Possibilities

Radio studios and their transmitter sites are seeing significant changes. From the biggest cities to small towns, broadcasters need new ways to get pristine audio to their FM transmitter sites, while minimizing complexity and risk at those locations.


Axia Quasar: The New Star in IP Consoles

We’re bringing the new Axia Quasar to you! This new flagship console features native AoIP architecture, refined for the ultimate user experience with limitless production possibilities for radio and specialized TV applications.


The Tools You Need for Next Gen TV

Creating an exciting immersive experience for your viewers and delivering the many benefits of Next Generation Audio is easy with our Linear Acoustic and Minnetonka Audio products. Only Telos Alliance has the solutions you need for every conceivable Dolby Atmos® and Next Generation Audio workflow.


What's New With Omnia

Omnia engineers have been busy putting Omnia processing in the cloud with Omnia.9 PTN, not to mention updating your favorite processing products like VOLT and Omnia.11. We talk about what’s new with the processing line, as well as Omnia MPX Node.

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Harnessing the Power of Telos Infinity IP Intercom

Telos Infinity revolutionized intercom by eliminating outdated matrix-based technology. The platform continues to grow with powerful new hardware and features for more cost-efficient productions and streamlined comms.