Key Features Include: 

  • Improved Factory Presets

    We've completely revamped the FM factory preset list, carefully revising nearly a dozen of the most popular original presets to make them sound smoother and more open, but with no significant loss in loudness. We’ve also added eight brand-new FM presets. Preset offerings have been expanded and refined for HD/DAB and AM versions as well.


  • Improved ITU-R BS.412 Performance

    Customers in countries requiring the use of the BS.412 power limiter will find significant sonic improvements in the FM build of VOLT 2.0, with nine revised or brand-new dedicated factory BS.412 presets.


  • SNMP for All Configurations

    We introduced SNMP for the FM version of VOLT in our last update, v1.3. VOLT 2.0 brings SNMP to the HD Pro, AM, and SG versions as well.  


  • Port Forwarding

    Customers who have multiple VOLTs on their network and prefer to use a single external IP address can now assign a unique port for each VOLT and take advantage of the security benefits and conveniences of port forwarding.


Ready to Download? 

Simply register your VOLT and you will be linked to the Release notes and Update Instructions. 


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