Voltair Data Export Licenses 

You probably know that not all of your programming encodes equally well in PPM®. And some content encodes downright badly. But you may not know which of your programming is problematic. In addition to simply watching the Voltair front panel's screen and noting the areas that are and are not encoding via the color-coded indicators, Voltair keeps a history of its enhancement level minute-by-minute. With Voltair's Data Export License (DEL), you can unlock and download this history in a color-coded spreadsheet for each broadcast day, with a confidence level for each minute of your programming. Programmers can then use this feature to identify the voices, commercials, and songs that don’t encode well.



Voltair Data Export license p/n 3001-00065 license valid for one year from date of purchase. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to order your Data Export Licenses. 



Do I need a Data Export License for my Voltair to function?

No, the data export license is only required if you want to make use of certain analytic tools and capabilities of your Voltair. All other functions will continue to work without interruption.  

Do I need to update my Voltair to Version 2.0 (or higher) in order to take advantage of the Data Export License? 
Yes. Simply download the latest software version (currently Version 2.4) or the latest release and enter your data export license number in your Voltair in order to use your license.

I never knew Voltair had data export capability in the first place. What is it? What can it do?  
Since Voltair Version 2.0 was released last in 2016, users have been able to export and analyze the same data used to build Voltair's one-hour confidence display using an optional Data Export License. This capability lets you download historic confidence data to a spreadsheet, or make your own custom scripts for analyzing encoding strength on minute-by-minute and 15-minute intervals. Learn more about Capturing Confidence Data here.

If my data license expires and I haven’t downloaded my confidence data, will it be lost? 
No. Every Voltair running Version 2.0 or later, licensed or not, continually collects and stores confidence data. With a valid license you will have access to all your past data.

Right now, I’m monitoring my Voltair over IP for things like its bypass state and encoding settings. Will these features keep working if my data license expires? 
Yes. Basic “heartbeat” monitor features are part of the base system software, and will continue to function whether you have a data license or not. 

How do I obtain my DEL?
Simply fill out the form below, and our team will be in touch with you to process your payment and give you your unique license code(s). 

How do I install my DEL? 
To install the license, you simply log into your Voltair's web user interface, click on the "Licenses" tab, enter the license code into the field, and press "Submit." You'll be up and running in minutes.  

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