Recorded on July 29th, 2021 - 1:00 PM EST


Presented by:

Jim Kuzman - Processing Expert + Preset Developer

Frank Foti - Processing Wizard + Omnia Audio Founder

Justin Gelske - Marketing Coordinator


Our new Behind the Sound video series, hosted by Justin Gelske, is going LIVE with a closer look at the Omnia VOLT. Justin will be speaking with processing expert and preset developer for Volt 2.0, Jim Kuzman, and interview users who are using VOLT to achieve amazing sound for their AM and FM stations.
Special guest and Omnia Founder Frank Foti will share his views on why this processing powerhouse is one of the best-selling broadcast audio processors of all time. Join us for this special episode of Behind the Sound to get a deep dive into the Omnia VOLT experience, processing insights, prizes, and more!


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