Recorded on December 1st, 2021 - 1:00 PM EST

Introducing Omnia.11 v4.0 software that’s better than ever! v4.0 is cleaner, brighter, and permeates open sound without a loudness penalty! The cornerstone of Omnia.11 v4.0 is the brand new Silvio Clipper– providing significant sonic improvements for G-Force users, complemented by a fresh set of presets across multiple station formats built to make the most of the new design.

Join us for your chance to hear Frank Foti, Omnia Founder, and Cornelius Gould, creator of Omnia 11’s G-Force Dynamics Engine, as they unveil “behind the sound” details about the v4.0 software development and Silvio Clipper.

That’s not all! Justin Gelske, Marketing Coordinator, and Paul Kriegler, Omnia Sales Manager, showcase a series of interviews with real-life users already taking full advantage of the release’s extended capabilities. They love what they hear, and we’re certain you will too! Register now to learn more about Omnia.11 v4.0 software.


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