Recorded on October 20th, 2021 - 1:00 PM EST

Presented by:

Cam Eicher - Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales

Kirk Harnack - Senior Solutions Consultant

Introducing the Axia Quasar SR AoIP Mixing Console. Quasar SR is the direct replacement for Axia’s best-selling Fusion console. If you like Fusion, you’ll love Quasar SR—which is comparable to the Fusion console in both price and feature set but also delivers all the power, ergonomics, industrial design, and star appeal of our flagship Quasar XR console.

Join Cam Eicher, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Kirk Harnack, Senior Solutions Consultant as they unveil Quasar SR’s sophisticated AoIP technology from Telos Alliance—the inventor of AoIP for broadcast—designed for steadfast reliability with no single point of failure. And take an inside look with a special interview featuring Quasar’s Senior Project Manager, Luca La Rosa. Quasar is part of the vast Livewire+™ AES67 ecosystem, making communication with other devices on the network easy by allowing detection, sharing, and control of audio resources across multiple studios connected to the network. With Quasar, AoIP’s promises of built-in redundancy, cost-efficiency, ease of use and setup, and system scalability are fully realized.


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