Recorded on June 14th, 2023 - 1:00PM EDT

Join our very own Kirk Harnack as he talks with Senior Director of Enterprise Software Sales Larry Deeds and Senior Sales and Support Engineer Graham Tudball to explore the power – and simplicity – of AudioTools Server WorkflowCreator. Television audio is deceptively complex.
Most people think of television as a visual medium, but it’s the audio that really makes it come to life, and getting TV audio right can be complicated. Tackling complex tasks requires powerful tools, and powerful tools are often difficult to use, but do they have to be? Power and simplicity are not mutually exclusive.
As it turns out, the answer is “no.” Savvy content creators, distributors, and broadcasters have long relied on our Minnetonka Audio® AudioTools Server platform to handle complex audio workflows. Now, our recently released WorkflowCreator and its intuitive UI make creating and managing such workflows simple.


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