Smartphone adoption is growing by leaps and bounds. Every automobile company now offers some kind of “connected dashboard”, and according to J.D. Power and Associates, almost 40% of those buying new vehicles this year cite integrated internet connectivity as a main reason for their purchase — and the percentage increases sharply for buyers under 50 years of age.

Forecast data from BIA/Kelsey projects that by 2018 nearly 25% of your terrestrial radio station's annual advertising revenue will be generated from online listening. And that is a conservative projection.


So, are you ready to seize the moment and gain more listeners? The Telos Alliance is ready to help, with new Z/IPStream processing + encoding products for Internet streaming. There's an entire family of software and hardware choices, and they work with major streaming distribution platforms like Wowza, Adobe Flash Media, SHOUTCast, ICECast, and other popular platforms,

  • For cutting-edge software audio processing and encoding, cloud-ready Z/IPStream 9X/2 suppplies you with a suite of audio restoration tools, including acclaimed Omnia 'Undo' technology.
  • For premium-quality processing and adaptive streaming encoding without the premium price, there's Z/'IPStream X/2 software.
  • Prefer a hardware processing / stream encoding platform? Check out Z/IPStream R/1. Its powerful presets can have you processing your audio and streaming it to the Web in just minutes.
  • For broadcasters on budgets, there's Z/IPStream A/XE software, with genuine FhG codecs and Omnia audio processing tools.
  • Wish there was a way to optimize podcasts and other recorded material for streaming? There is! Z/IPStream F/XE software for Windows gives you Omnia processing for file-based programming.


These people are already streaming like they mean it, take a listen for yourself. 


See it in action: Check out our brief video about Z/IPStream 9X/2 below:

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