Telos VX Broadcast VoIP Phone Systems

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Telos VX Broadcast VoIP Phone Systems

Legendary Telos Call Quality Meets the Efficiency of Broadcast VoIP

Telos VX® is the first Broadcast VoIP (Voice over IP) line of products and is ideal for radio and TV applications, as well as some government applications. From remote IFBs to audience call-ins, it can run anywhere from one or two lines in a small studio to the on-air phones for your entire plant, giving you incredible operational power, adaptable workflows, and superior audio quality. VX comes in four iterations to suit your needs, from virtual applications for TV and Radio to hardware-based options for small to large facilities.  

Legendary Telos Call Quality

Combines modern networking with the power of digital signal processing for the cleanest, clearest caller audio from any phone line—even noisy mobile calls.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

AEC is crucial when you have talent answering and recording calls for later airing. Listen to a Call Without AEC and compare it with a Call With AEC to hear the difference!

HTML-5 Control

Combine Axia Pathfinder Core PRO to create custom HTML-5 panels to control every aspect of the VX system from any web browser. Great for remote talent.


Whether you are new to IP networking, integrating with an AES67 network, or plugging into a Livewire® network, VX VoIP systems are plug-and-play!

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Telos VXs VoIP System for Radio

Telos Alliance introduced broadcasters to the benefits of VoIP a decade ago with VX, the world’s first VoIP talkshow system, in a hardware appliance. Now, Telos VXs is here to help broadcasters reap the benefits of true virtualization as they adapt to changing broadcast workflows and operations, all while making it easier for teams to produce great-sounding and compelling content.

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Telos VXs VoIP System for TV

Telos VX replaced racks of phone couplers, contribution hybrids, and engineering coordination lines with a single hardware VoIP Engine.  Telos VXs takes all that functionality and makes it virtual, making it easier for remote teams to tap into production and engineering partylines, while reaping all the upsides of virtual workflows.

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Telos VX Enterprise VoIP System

For medium to large facilities, the Telos VX Enterprise hardware appliance has an expandable capacity of up to 120 channels and can grow with your station over time.

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Telos VX Prime+ VoIP System

For small to medium facilities, the Telos VX Prime+ hardware appliance has a fixed 8-channel capacity.

Telos VX System Components

Below you'll find system components for the various VX systems. Contact a Telos Alliance specialist to help build your system today.

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