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With the Virtual Radio Studio, broadcasters can go on air from anywhere, and enjoy a multitude of efficiencies that come with virtualization. Telos Alliance is a pioneer in this category, with everything from virtual mixing consoles to virtual VoIP phone systems to virtual intercom systems and beyond. 

Contact your dealer to learn more about virtualizing your studio. Whether it's a studio in the Cloud with no physical surfaces or a virtual/physical hybrid, Telos Alliance can help you get where you want to be.

The Benefits of Virtualization

Non-Proprietary Hardware

You have more options when it comes to designing your system, including commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) options from the IT world.


Virtual software and cloud computing are tested, tried, and true. Broadcasters need not worry about reliability compared with hardware options.


You can run multiple instances of software concurrently, allowing you to scale up for demanding production requirements and scale back down accordingly, only paying for what you need.

Easier Upgrades

Easier to update software remotely over the Internet or en masse in a centralized data center, eliminating site visits.

Cost Efficient

Requires less maintenance, hardware, real estate, conditioned power, HVAC, and associated costs with flexible subscription models to meet OPEX business requirements.

TA_Radio Solutions_iQs

Axia iQs

The software version of Axia's popular iQx console, minus the physical surface. iQs is the first soft console controlled by a full HTML-5 interface, allowing you to not only control a mix from anywhere, but on any device. Learn More.

TA_Radio Solutions_VXs

Telos VXs

Telos VXs virtual VoIP system takes the legendary audio quality of the Telos VX VoIP broadcast phone system and adds all the benefits of virtualization. Learn More.

TA_Radio Solutions_Omnia Enterprise 9s

Omnia Enterpise 9s

The high-density audio processing software solution designed with the flexibility to meet the rapidly changing infrastructure needs of broadcasters as they transition to virtualized environments. Learn More.

TA_Radio Solutions_Infinity VIP

Telos Infinity VIP

The first fully-featured Cloud-based intercom system. It delivers sophisticated comms virtually, making Cloud-based media production workflows available on any device—smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. Learn More.

Pathfinder Core PRO

Axia Pathfinder Core PRO VM

Pathfinder’s network-optimized monitoring and control protocols, Pathfinder Core PRO VM can be deployed locally or at an off-site data center. Just one instance of this VM-installable solution can monitor and control dozens of Axia broadcast facilities. Learn More.


Axia IP-Tablet

Virtualize the monitoring and control of broadcast gear on a Windows tablet or PC. Modules available for Telos, Axia, Omnia, and other HTML5-enabled gear. Learn More.

TA_Radio Solutions_SoftSurface

Axia SoftSurface

The first generation of Axia Virtual Radio Software, SoftSurface gives you control of your Axia Fusion AoIP console from anywhere an Internet connection is available. Learn More.

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