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New Featured Products & Solutions at IBC 2023

Axia® Quasar XR/SR

Whether you choose the powerful top-of-the-line XR or the more streamlined and approachable SR, you're getting the most mature and sophisticated AoIP consoles we've ever made.

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Axia® Quasar Engine RPS

Based on our proven Quasar Engine platform, Quasar Engine RPS brings many of the features and functions normally managed by the Master Module found in every Quasar control surface to the engine itself. This makes it possible to create a standalone mixer without the need for an actual XR or SR surface, instead using the browser-based Quasar Soft user interface.

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Axia® Quasar SmartKey Module

The Quasar SmartKey Module is a 2-channel-wide surface module for Axia® Quasar XR and SR control surfaces. Any function created in Axia Pathfinder Core PRO can be assigned to any SmartKey, providing nearly limitless customization options. Each module is available in a 6, 12, 18, or 24-button layout.

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Omnia® Forza

Forza is a brand-new, software-based approach to processing from the Omnia team for HD, DAB, and streaming audio applications. It yields a consistent and polished audio signature without sounding overly processed, and its single-page UI and intuitive "smart controls" make it easy for users of all skill levels to deliver great-sounding audio to their listeners. 

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Telos Alliance® Z/IPStream® X/20

Z/IPStream X/20 is our next-generation all-in-one streaming encoder and processing platform for Windows PCs and servers and successor to the highly regarded Z/IPStream X/2. X/20 retains the same high-quality codecs and versatile encoding features but set the stage for the introduction of new features and processing options, including optional Omnia® Forza and Omnia.9 processing, Nielsen and Kantar watermarking, and Frank Foti’s Dèjá Vu stereo-to-5.1-channel upmixer.

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Telos Alliance® Z/IPStream® R/20

Z/IPStream R/20 is our next-generation dedicated 1RU encoding and processing hardware appliance, and replaces the popular Z/IPStream R/2. R/20 makes possible the introduction of new features and processing options, including optional Omnia® Forza and Omnia.9 processing, Nilesen and Kantar watermarking, and Frank Foti’s Dèjá Vu stereo-to-5.1-channel upmixer, while retaining the same high-quality codecs and versatile encoding features.

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Axia® Altus Virtual Mixing Console

Altus brings the power and features of a traditional console to desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones running any modern web browser, including full-function mixing, integration with Telos VX® broadcast phone systems, and contribution audio and monitoring via WebRTC. Altus is ideal for distributed and remote workforces, or anywhere you need to set up a studio quickly and easily.

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Telos Infinity VIP_NAB_LP
Telos Infinity® VIP

The Infinity Virtual Intercom Platform (VIP) expands the award-winning Infinity lineup by making cloud-based media production workflows available on any computer or tablet running an HTML5-capable web browser. And now, the new VIP App allows VIP users to put an Infinity panel on their Android or iOS devices.

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Jünger™ flexAI Platform

flexAI is Jünger Audio's audio processing platform, which includes AIXpressor, Jünger's flagship audio processor featuring incredibly flexible signal routing options, and flexAIserver, their most powerful processing solution for high program count applications.

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Workflow Creator
AudioTools® Server WorkflowCreator

WorkflowCreator addresses one of the biggest challenges faced by AudioTools Server customers: The ability to delete steps, add new steps, and create brand-new ATS workflows from the ground up, all without the need to manually edit XML files. 

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