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Two Booths, Tons of Tech! 

#HearWhatsNext in broadcast tech as we rock Vegas at NAB 2019 with the latest in AoIP, new standards-based products that include AES67, ATSC 3.0, and SMPTE ST 2110-30, the very best in broadcast audio processing, and more. Save your spot in line and book an appointment at one or both of our booths. 


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TV  - LV8522 | Radio - LV3762

Radio Solutions – N5806

Learn about Telos Alliance AoIP Studios, Virtual Radio, Radio Consoles, Broadcast Audio Processors, VoIP Phone Systems, Stream Encoding and Processing, Routing Control, and more.

TV Solutions – SU3921

Learn about Telos Alliance TV Solutions, including Distributed/Decentralized Routing, Audio Mixing, Multi-Line Call Handling, Signal Distribution and Format Conversion, Real-Time and File-Based Audio Processing, IP Intercom, and more.

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AoIP Is Everywhere

Next-gen AoIP consoles that redefine studio design for any budget will shine brightly at NAB, plus IP communications on a whole new level. Get ready to be blown away.  


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Innovative Standards-Based Tech

New products with standards-based tech inside, including AES67 & SMPTE 2110-30. Also get a first look at all-new ATSC 3.0 products that bring the future of TV to life. 


The Best In Broadcast Audio Processing

Future-forward radio processing will take your sound from blah to heck ya! For TV, check out advanced loudness control that doesn't break the bank and quality-first file-based audio automation! 


John Schur

An Objective Guide to Audio Monitoring for Next-Gen TV

John Schur, April 9 • 2:30 PM - 2:50 PM, N260Getting multichannel audio to sound good in consumer environments has proven to be an ongoing challenge. Immersive audio in ATSC 3.0 makes this even more daunting. This session explores a number of solutions to the challenges of audio monitoring for Next-Gen TV.

Frank Foti

µMPX: FM-Stereo Composite Connectivity Via IP

Frank Foti, April 9  4:00 PM - 4:20 PM, N260A comprehensive explanation of µMPX, a new method where the FM MPX signal is carried over 320kbps. Using a newly designed codec, this connection doesn't yield audible artifacts, maintains precision peak control, and yields a transparent MPX signal for transmission.

Off-Site Radio Infrastructure Is Here

Kirk Harnack, April 11 • 10:40–11, N258—Broadcast infrastructure virtualization tech is more available than ever. This session discusses the future of broadcast infrastructure, bringing more efficiency, reliability, and convenience to radio.