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Telos Alliance at NAB 2018: Experience a Fully Integrated AoIP Environment!

Telos Alliance invented AoIP for broadcast, and now the broadcast industry is transitioning toward AoIP infrastructure in both radio and television. 

We offer solutions for fully integrated AoIP environments that feature pure AoIP—not only on the outskirts of your network, but throughout. This creates truly seamless AoIP integration that is simple to install, cost efficient, and completely revolutionizes workflows. 

We want to show you how you can implement a fully integrated AoIP environment in your own facility. Visit us at NAB to learn how!

TA Radio – Booth N6531  |  TA TV Solutions Group – Booth SU2321

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Introducing FiDef

Legends of Audio

Meet Legends of Audio

Discover a whole new audio experience with FiDef. What's FiDef? RSVP to find out and meet the audio experts who love it, Tuesday, April 10 at 2pm. More >

Exhibitor Viewpoint

Frank Foti

Il Padrino Speaks

Get Telos Alliance Executive Chairman Frank Foti's thoughts on this year's NAB in this brief Q&A from Radio WorldMore >

Radio Solutions

Radio Solutions

Explore our Solutions

We're excited to announce our new Radio Solutions pages to help you learn the benefits and unique synergies of our products. Enjoy! More >

IP Showcase

IP Showcase

SMPTE ST 2110 Interoperability at IP Showcase

50+ manufacturers come together to demo the benefits and practicality of moving to IP workflows, all leveraging the latest specs. Visit C12634 to see it live! More >

Book an Appointment!

Book an Appointment at NAB

Meet with Us!

NAB is almost here and we're excited to get you up to speed on what's new! Attending the show? Make an appointment! More >

Walk Down the Aisle with BGS


Dealer Perspective

We catch up with longtime Telos Alliance dealer BGS (Booth C2022 at NAB 2018) for memories of NABs past . . . Including that time Dave walked the Telos 10 down the aisle! More >

Break the Matrix!

Telos Infinity IP Intercom

Introducing Telos Infinity IP Intercom
Telos Infinity IP Intercom merges voice communication and contribution audio on a single IT backbone and unleashes the full potential of distributed IP audio by making it available anywhere you need it, internally or on air. Come see it at NAB! More>

The Ne(x)twork Is Here

Axia Ne(x)twork

Connect to What's Next
Imagine pure AoIP throughout your entire network. Connect seamlessly to the Bionic Studio experience. Tap into the largest ecosystem of AoIP Products in broadcast. With Axia, it's all about the Ne(x)twork, making your studio work seamlessly now... and in the future. Come by N6531 to experience it in person!

Great Sound Matters Most

Great Sound Matters Most

With Omnia, You Sound Better
At Omnia, we've been raising the bar for Broadcast Audio Performance for the last 20 years with true innovation. Come by N6531 to hear the Omnia difference for yourself, see exciting new tech, and learn how to craft your signature sound on any platform. Schedule a Demo!>


The Bionic Studio

The Bionic Studio

The Future of Radio Production 
Introducing the Bionic Studio—a studio in which the equipment understands what is spoken, what is playing on-air, and even the sentiment of each moment. Check out this new video and come by N6531 for a live demo. More>

The Telos Alliance


Innovation & Teamwork 
At Telos Alliance, we're former broadcasters like you, finding the best possible solutions to make your studios run smoother and your content sound its absolute best. Learn why Telos Alliance is different in this short video. More>

Meet Our New CEO!


Tom Swidarski Joins the Telos Alliance
Come by N6531 at NAB to meet the man with a plan, Tom Swidarski, new Telos Alliance CEO. Watch this short video with him and founder Frank Foti to learn a little about Tom and his ideas for the future! More>


Cloudy Made Clear

Cloudy Made Clear

The Post-Production Vending Machine: How the Cloud Dilutes the Competitive Advantage
Telos Alliance VP of Business Development Markus Hintz will discuss how off-premise "in the cloud" tasks such as file-based audio processing, loudness normalization, and transcoding can be accomplished on a scalable basis. More>

2:30–2:50 p.m., Wednesday, 11 April 2018, Room N256 

AoIP & AES67 News

Latest Updates on Audio over IP & AES67

Latest Updates on Audio over IP & AES67
As part of the "New Radio Technologies" session, Telos Alliance's Ken Tankel will take us through the latest updates for AES67 and show you how to get on the road to more efficient studio operation with AoIP! More>

10:40 a.m.–12 p.m., Sunday, 8 April 2018, Room N260

Where's My Console?

Where's My Console?

New Tools Lead to New Workflows for On-Air Radio Talent
"Virtual Radio” is a buzz-phrase among forward-thinking radio broadcasters. It implies new tools, new methods, and new workflows for producing compelling audio content. Telos Alliance's Kirk Harnack explores workflow improvements through equipment virtualization and examines several approaches in achieving great outcomes aimed at producing more meaningful content. More>

1:30–2:50 p.m., Saturday, 7 April 2018, in Room N260


Telos Tech Talks

This year, in room N208, Telos Alliance is putting on a series of its own technical talks to help address the specific needs of radio and TV broadcasters based on feedback from the front lines of the industry. Presentations cover a range of topics, from deep dives into our latest tech, to analysis of the SMPTE 2110-30 broadcast standard, and the broadcast studios of the future. Get the details on all our presentations and sign up here. We hope to see you there!


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