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File-Based Post Production Software for Television Workflows

Telos Alliance's Minnetonka Audio, an award-winning audio solutions provider for motion picture, video, broadcast, game, and optical disc production, creates essential technology for the world's top media professionals. Its revolutionary AudioTools Server is the file-based software alternative to hardware program optimizers, bringing expert audio automation to existing media production infrastructures. 

Minnetonka's AudioTools Server and SurCode product lines support the full array of audio codecs, file types, and standards for CD, DVD, Blu-ray™, broadcast, and digital television. Minnetonka is a leading provider of OEM audio solutions as well as file-based QC and loudness control.

Encoding and Decoding Software Plug-Ins


SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II

SurCode for Dolby® Pro Logic II is a certified Dolby Pro Logic II encoder and decoder that allows fast and easy processing and management of file-based and real time Dolby Pro Logic assets. Learn More.


SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 Encoder for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 encoder is tightly integrated with Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC. Now, both MPEG-2 and H.264 video, with AC-3 or E-AC-3 surround, or stereo audio, can be encoded and multiplexed simultaneously. Learn More.


SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus Bundle for AVID

SurCode for Dolby Digital Plus Bundle encodes and decodes 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 surround sound audio to and from Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3) or Dolby Digital (AC-3) formats. Learn More.


SurCode for Dolby E

As the first and most complete tool kit for Dolby E, SurCode for Dolby E is a certified Dolby E encoder and decoder suite that allows fast and easy processing and management of file-based Dolby E assets and metadata. Learn More.


SurCode for Dolby Digital 5.1 Standalone

SurCode for Dolby Digital 5.1 Encoder creates fully compliant AC-3 files from multichannel WAV or AIFF sources. The Encoder includes all available options, providing complete control of all aspects of the finished product. Learn More.

Third Party Audio Plug-Ins



IOSONO, now Barco Audio Technologies, designs and develops professional audio processing and rendering hard- and software for a variety of professional audio markets. Learn More.


MAAT Digital

Aiming to reshape and reinvent audio mastering, MAAT was born of a need to provide better sounding, easier to use tools and simpler workflows. Learn More.


New Audio Technology

New Audio Technology GmbH (NAT) develops and distributes high-performance audio products for industrial, professional and end-user applications. Learn More.



NUGEN Audio creates innovative, intuitive professional audio tools for high-end music producers, post-production engineers and broadcasters. Learn More.


RTW Masterclass Plug-Ins

Designed for simple, intuitive operation by a broad user base, the RTW Masterclass Plug-Ins line gives access to many of the company’s most popular, high-quality audio metering and measurement solutions. Learn More.

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