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TV Solutions

Television Solutions 

TV Solutions brings together products from Telos, Omnia, Axia, 25-Seven, Linear Acoustic, and Minnetonka to fulfill the expanding needs of content providers for broadcast, streaming, on-demand, and emerging non-broadcast markets that require audio excellence to maximize their content's value and competitive edge in the market.

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Broadcast Phone Systems

Telos VoIP Broadcast Phone Systems replace racks of phone couplers, contribution hybrids, and engineering coordination lines with a single hardware VoIP Engine or our virtual VoIP solutions, making it easier for remote teams to tap into production and engineering partylines.


OEM Solutions and Partnerships

Telos Alliance's mission includes bringing our knowledge and technology as audio experts into conversations and solutions across all industries. Our OEM options come in two forms, collaborative partnership opportunities and off-the-shelf products that are primed for integration.

custom solutions

Custom Solutions

Our Solutions team is ready to help you design a system that meets your specific needs. This includes complex solutions sales, requiring new product development, significant product changes, or above-and-beyond engineering resources.

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Distributed and Decentralized Routing

Telos Alliance audio interfaces (xNodes and AoIP nodes) help form the backbone of a distributed and decentralized Audio-over-IP routing system, with SDI, AES, analog, and even microphone and GPIO options available.


File-Based Audio Processing

Minnetonka Audio delivers best-in-class file-based audio processing for loudness management, transcoding, QC, and more, regardless of whether you need to process in your edit bay, as part of a video system, or as a fully automated part of your workflow orchestration for worldwide distribution.

ip intercom and comm tv

IP Intercom and Communications

Telos Infinity IP Intercom delivers a quantum leap in scalability ease of integration, efficiency and total cost of ownership, on-prem, site-to-site, at home, or in the Cloud.

Measurement and Monitoring tv

Measurement and Monitoring

Ensuring that the audio emitted and transmitted from your broadcast plant meets increasingly strict compliance criteria is a constant challenge for content providers and playout facility operators worldwide. We help you met this challenge with quality viewer listening experiences.

on air tv processing_v2

On-Air TV Processing

Linear Acoustic AERO-series processors have been the industry standard choice for delivering multi-channel digital television audio that assures broadcasters meet compliance and regulatory demands, while simultaneously providing viewers with the highest quality audio experience possible.

Signal Distribution and Format Conversion

Signal Distribution

Take advantage of existing COTS networks using Livewire+AES67 enabled xNodes to convert one audio format to another and distribute that signal using multicast to many destinations simultaneously without the need for discrete distribution amplifiers or the associated cabling.

Site to Site Connectivity

Site-to-Site-to-Site Connectivity

Our audio codecs are used around the world to provide ultra-reliable, best-quality audio connectivity between remote locations, regardless of how challenging the network connection might be.


TV Watermarking

Modern implementations of watermarking yield TV ratings data that is consistent and reliable over the air and over the top. Our Next Generation Audio products from Linear Acoustic help broadcasters capture this revenue.

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Preferred Service & Support

Our TelosCare PLUS Customer Care program gives you the one-stop service and support you need long after the sale, going far beyond basic support and troubleshooting.

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